Sonoran Suites - Exorbant cancellation fees

Chatsworth, California 1 comment

My friend and I made a reservation for two nights at a Sonoran Suites in Palm Desert for my birthday weekend. We paid the 2 night charge by credit card. We received a call from Sonoran Suites that stated they needed an email address to send their agreement which required an electronic signature.

I received the document which is 4 pages and stated an additional $200 deposit was required for damages. The check out time on Sunday is 10:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning and a later check out

would cost an addtional 1/2 day charge. In addtion to this the document stated that an inventory would be required by the renting tenant to verify the number of silverware place sets were still there and the linens should be counted or the $200 deposit would be forfeited.

Due to the excessive content of this document we decided to cancel the reservation. The cancellation was made on May 4th for the trip beginning on May 11th. Expedia charged us 50% of the two night stay , over $162.00 for this cancellation.

I believe this practice to be abusive and am amazed there are no consumer protections laws in place to prevent this kind of situation.

Melitza Plautz



It appears that you are terrible at reading anything.Expedia will get their hands on any money they can, any way they can.

You obviously didnt read the cancellation policy or anything else on the hotel listing page.

Every hotel has this information bud, I hope the lesson you learned was that YOU NEED TO READ THINGS BEFORE YOU CLICK "GO".Lolzz to you.

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